SPL-1.5P-SMPLE-frntbck(1000)Here are the talking points for you to use with the ‘Worker Safety’ sample pouches:

Whose decision is it to provide your workers with unsafe, heavy and carcinogenic clay absorbents?

Is it the Business Owner? - who may not be aware of the risk of future liability claims from the exposure to heavy, carcinogenic absorbents being used in his company.

Is it the Ops Manager? -  who is unaware that the inhalation of toxic silica dust from clay absorbents can lead to lung disease.

Is it the Purchasing Officer? - who has not been made aware of a safer option, and keeps ordering the same old unsafe product.

Is it the Accountant? -  who only looks at what is cheap - on paper - without considering the cost of sick days, cost of ineffective use of products, cost of downtime to clean up spills, and the huge cost of disposal of heavy hazardous waste.

Is it The Worker? - who has to breath in the toxic dust from clay absorbents, that traditionally must be left down on the spill for some time, exposing his fellow workers to slip and fall hazards for extended and unnecessary periods of time.
We don’t think it’s the Worker!